Scoring is based on the face values of the cards.  Basically, if the two offensive cards that are played on any particular trick are higher in value than the two defensive cards that are played, then the offense might score if that value is high enough. Reference Point Scale If you can add and subtract numbers up to 26 you can play this game.

Each of the 4 quarters begins with the players each being dealt 10 cards each.  The 4 player, (2 teams) style is most exciting.  Every card can be played offensively or defensively.  As you play the cards you are in a sense ‘the coach’.  When it is your turn to play you must decide which card to play that will result in the desired outcome for that play.  Each card can be played either when on offense or when on defense.  Each individual card has the same value, or strength, whether it is played on offense or played on defense.  You make the call as to how you want to play them.  Be careful not to overplay your cards on offense, which could result in not having the cards to stop an easy score when you happen to be on defense!